OK, so this is a bit of blatant self promotion, but I am not ashamed if it. This new short film from Tinker Taylor tackles the quick frankly scandalous issue of homelessness. 

As Anthony, one of our thirteen interviewees, currently homeless and living in temporary accommodation said "in a developed country like England, we shouldn't have 320,000 homeless people, it shouldn't be happening should it." 

No Anthony, it should not. 

As film makers we are in a very privileged position. On occasion we are given the opportunity to make films to inspire positive social change. A film with a strong narrative, that challenges perceptions around a particular issue and motivates the audience into wanting to change their behaviour. 

Our series of award winning films for the Police Federation of Northern Ireland and the Scottish Police Federation are two such examples, however this project was perhaps even closer to my heart. 

I step off the train every morning at Moor Street Station and feel the same rush of frustration and bewilderment every time and I ask myself how can this be?  When the film brief from Birmingham City Council landed on my desk, I felt blessed. Here was an opportunity for me personally to better understand the situation, explore what is being done about it and critically to start talking about solutions. What should we do when we see someone sleeping rough?  How can we help?

I would be grateful beyond words if you would find a few minutes to watch the film.  If you think we have achieved our goal and feel it is worthy of sharing, please do. 

Thank you.