I read with disappointment this 'woe is me' article in the Los Angeles Times. Clint Eastwood, Christopher Nolan and co. have signed a letter calling on the federal government to provide support for the industry, which remains closed throughout most of the US.   

Clearly the Industry has been hit very hard, obviously the future is uncertain and sadly jobs will be lost, however we are talking about a monumental creative industry here, some of the most imaginative, visionary, clever minds on the planet - are you telling me that Disney and Universal can't find innovative ways to make and distribute films?  

(I personally think this little attention seeking cry for help, is all about generating press for the release of Nolan's 'Tenet', but that's by the by)

At TT we are rising to the challenge of producing videos in a COVID world. Our awesome team amaze me every day with their passion, tenacity and fearless approach to film making.  Week by week we are discovering innovative new ways of helping our clients communicate in a safe, accommodating and flexible way.

We have a comprehensive set of filming guidelines and a COVID safe risk assessment which is signed by crew, contributors and clients on each and every live filming project. Check out the animation below. 

Many of our interview driven films are now filmed via Zoom - and they look brilliant, with our interviewer in a studio and a multi-camera approach bringing the interview content to life. 

The animation department has never been busier as we script/voiceover and animate message we might previously have filmed.  

As clients are bravely taking their conferences online, we are live streaming them to the web, producing video content and graphics interstitials to enhance and enrich the online audience experience. 

So come on Hollywood! If the team at TINKER TAYLOR can do it - so can you!