Almost 6% of the UK's population will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their lives. That is 1 in 17 people. 

In this open and frank article by Baroness Blackwood, she discusses her own personal experience of being passed from pillar to post, desperately ill, but not knowing what was wrong. 

"My heart developed a mind of its own. I do not think there is a flat surface in Parliament I have not collapsed in."   

The new National Genomics Healthcare Strategy, announced today, will ensure that all rare disease patients in the NHS get earlier diagnosis, more targeted treatment and better care, as well as revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment of other diseases, such as cancer.  Harnessing the power of technologies, such as genomics and AI, with a greater focus on personalised care for each patient, it is a welcome announcement for all end users - and that includes you!

TINKER TAYLOR has been producing educational video content for the Genomics Education Programme for the last two years. Interviewing world leading scientists, academics and healthcare professionals, as well as patients who are benefiting from the rapid advances in genomic medicine. We have also produced a series of animations which illustrate complex medical processes, in a concise and clear way. One such video is attached. 

It is an incredibly exciting field to work in and whilst my team could no more analyse a tumour in 3D than a Bioinformatician could edit one of our films, we love playing a very small part in what can only be described as a healthcare revolution.