A couple of weeks back people all over the world went crazy about a giant cow, well technically not a cow but a steer (a bull that has been castrated)  and it's not hard to see why!

The enormous animal stands at 6ft 4in, weighs 220st and is understood to be the largest steer in Australia, a country with a strong agricultural base and home to millions of cattle. 

The sheer size of Knickers is keeping him alive. When farmer Mr Pearson took him to the abattoir they simply rejected him, explaining that he was simply too large! Knickers's newfound fame has meant that over the last 24 hours Mr Pearson has been inundated with calls from news companies from all over the world.

Whilst he can't 'steak' a claim to being the world's largest steer, Knickers measures up well against a chianina ox called Bellino from Italy who measured just over 2 meters at a cattle show in 2010.

I wonder if they're going to make a moo'vie about it?