Music for some may be merely considered an art form, however in reality it's a lot more than that. Music is a common phenomenon that crosses all borders, nationality, culture or race and in film making it is one of the most vital tools in our box, when it comes to evoking an emotional response. 

We all understand music is powerful. It can make you laugh or cry. Certain song lyrics can cause the resurfacing of a painful memory whilst a national anthem being played at a rugby match may cause your patriotic heart to swell. If you've been watching the 6 Nation's you may well know what I mean.

At Tinker Taylor video content agency we harness the power of music to enhance our films.  Each film needs a track that compliments the visuals and enhances the mood. Take for example the film below, for West Midlands Police Federation, highlighting the lack of Police Officers on our streets due to prolonged cuts, as the topic of the film is gloomy and foreboding, so too is the music track chosen. 

Alternatively, for our series of films for skincare giant Dermalogica, we chose to use a clean, fresh, punchy track that complimented the healthy skin care brand.

Music is such an important component of the filmmaking process, that at TT we call upon our extensive bank of music composers who, when the budget permits, will write bespoke tracks for our films!  One recent example is our short film for distribution on social, featuring former All Black and now Wasps rugby player Lima Sopoaga, painting a giant (12m) mural of himself. 

Have a listen, see what you think, have our chosen music tracks set the tone?