A plastic tunnel attached to the side of a Sainsbury's supermarket in the Cornish town of Bude has skyrocketed up the trip-advisor rankings in recent months and is now deemed as one of Cornwall's top attractions.

It has been likened to the Taj Mahal and has racked up over 500 reviews, 92% rating it as excellent. One reviewer described it as 'astounding and thought provoking'.

 The person who originally listed the tunnel, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they did so because it was "one I have admired for a while", and they "never thought that it would become this popular".

Naturally, with it's meteoric rise up the trip-advisor rankings the tunnel gained infamy and incredibly this Christmas, Sainsbury's covered the tunnel in an incredible Christmas light display, meaning the tunnel (for a few weeks only) is a very real attraction!

So how does this relate to TINKER TAYLOR?   Just as there is a certain expectation as to what a tunnel looks like, there is also a commonly held view of what a corporate video looks like - and in both cases the bar is often set quite low.  In the case of a video, it's talking heads in a boardroom right?  Yet the Bude tunnel show's us just what can be achieved with a little imagination and creativity!