Facebook are having a punt that longer-form, more 'TV-style video' might be easier to monetise through advertising, than its existing video content.  

If it can pull some of the billions of dollars of existing TV ads away from television and convince advertisers to go digital, it will be a very profitable move indeed.

As the article below explains, it's not alone in that hope.  "Google is trying to do that with YouTube as well, and so is Amazon with Amazon Prime Video. And Snapchat's parent company Snap recently embarked on a new video push that looks very similar to what Facebook is doing."

We are probably one of the very few production companies who consistently persuade clients away from TV ad's and towards distributing their content via cinema and digital.  Quite simply, you get more bang for your buck - and it is far easier to quantify the ROI.  You can track 'bums on seat' through an audience guarantee plan at the cinema and you can track the number of views, shares, likes on digital.  

We will watch with interest to see how this plays out.