This article from Wipster highlights how hypersensitive audiences are being sold to - and they don't like it... fair enough I say. 

We all know trust is at the heart of any business relationship and a one way of creating trust, especially with people who don't know you, is to become a thought leader in your space. 

TINKER TAYLOR have been on Passle for a few months now, 'passling' (... is that a verb yet?) about all sorts, from 'Robert de Niro on Trump' to 'The Importance of being a Rugby Coach' to 'Film Industry awards' and the result of this apparently random content?  

1. Increased numbers of visitors to the website.

2. Increased traffic and followers on social

3. Increased number of enquiries. 

Leading to a commissioned series of videos for fellow 'Passlers' ElXtr and three excellent leads.

Not bad hey. 

If you are interested in learning more about Passle or video marketing, I am happy to help. Now read the article below, it's good!