TINKER TAYLOR have only gone and won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Digital Innovation & Digital Creativity! How exciting is that?!

My career started in television, with spells at the BBC and TVNZ, producing programmes from Antiques to Gardening to Current Affairs. Over the years I’ve attended many RTS Awards, each time with a different producer and it was always a great night - but this time is was with my company, TINKER TAYLOR, and it all felt very different and even more magical.

I am chuffed to bits for everyone who worked so hard on the project, especially the super talented team at Out of Orbit. I am delighted for my client, the PFNI, as it means more people will watch the #WeAreYou films and better understand what it is to be a police officer. I am really happy for the team at TINKER TAYLOR, it’s wonderful to deliver such a prestigious award to the studio and see how proud everyone is. I am humbled by the number of texts, tweets, posts we have received from clients, colleagues, family and friends, it’s a great feeling to know so many people are genuinely thrilled for you. Finally, I am VERY excited! Excited about the buzz this is generating for the business.

Will the award peak the interest of potential new clients? Will the award attract new cinematographers, writers, producers to want to work with us? Only time will tell. What I do know is that this award is making a lot of people very happy - and for that I am thankful.