With David Beckham's latest transfer having social (and other) media up in arms, here at TINKER TAYLOR we got to thinking about our favourite film cameos over the years.

Undoubtedly there are some classics: David Bowie in Zoolander; Mike Tyson in The Hangover; Richard Hammond in Bike4Life. Yes, you read that right. Richard Hammond. In Bike4Life.

Not content with just making first-class content, we do all we can to get our films seen far and wide. Enter Richard Hammond.

He knows from personal experience the critical value of air ambulances, and as such we couldn't pass up the opportunity to interview him for one of our films promoting Midlands Air Ambulance's brilliant 'Bike4Life' back in 2015.

As Guy Richie can attest, whether for reasons good or bad, celebrity appearances get people talking. In case you (somehow) missed it, here's one of our very own...