Mother’s Day spending reached up to £600 million last year, and so it’s no surprise UK businesses jump at the opportunity to advertise around the special day. 

In the run up, we often see brands bombard us with their tear-jerking and sentimental video’s, and whilst some of them do bring a tear to my eye, I prefer to celebrate the holiday with something me and my mum are known for: laughter! 

So, I had a look at the funniest Mother’s Day Ad’s and it’s fair to say, I have a clear favourite! Samsung’s #TextsFromMum campaign made me smile, laugh & love my Mum more than ever!   

The video simply shows some texts from a not-so-savvy Mother texter. The video pokes fun in a light-hearted way, and is relatable to just about everybody!  From BIG CAPITAL LETTERS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THEY’RE SHOUTING AT YOU, to the miss-use of the word ‘selfie’, the video has you thinking of your mum and smiling throughout.

Alongside the video, Samsung also ran a Twitter campaign, asking people to tweet a picture of their hilarious ‘mum texts’.  The person who tweeted the funniest picture won a brand new Samsung phone! 

Videos which make you feel happy and uplifted, in my opinion, are the best kind. And to add an interactive competition element which encourages your audience to get involved in the fun, makes this campaign even better! 

Hopefully, it puts a smile on your face, too! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

(Especially to my wonderful, beautiful, amazing Mum!)