I love a new pair of glasses.  I am usually very careful when I buy a new pair: I like to feel stylish, yes, but I also want quality. I want my specs to last longer than a month! This means I spend quite a lot of money (and time) when I buy new glasses.

Whilst putting in the hours researching my next eyewear purchase, one particular brand caught my eye. Moscot, is a wonderful New York City brand, which sells awesome quality specs, for both men and women. The shop is run by the Moscot family; it was first opened in 1915 by Hyman Moscot and is now seeing the fifth generation of Moscot's in charge: Harvey is CEO and Zack is Brand Chief Designer Officer. It's one of the oldest New York City businesses that prides itself with having Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore and Johnny Depp as customers.

Moscot glasses are trendy, modern, but they still keep that classic old style feel of the early 1900s, that makes them timeless and always in-fashion. Their new promotional film reflects their brand beautifully. The whole team at TT agree. Do take a few minutes to watch it below.

It is shot in their New York City boutique. The shop is a feast for the eyes, the opening shots captivate you in the first few seconds, which is so important when the distribution platform is digital. The way Harvey and Zack talk about the family business is heartwarming. They are direct, knowledgeable, yet modest. There is an authenticity to the film, which leaves you feeling somehow reassured. 

It feels like when you buy a pair of Moscot, you buy more than just a frame: the whole family history comes with it, the fact that the 5th generation is now actively participating and run a successful business, definitely makes you feel that the glasses worth the price!  It feels like there is something special about a company that dates back generations - a resilience perhaps, certainly you feel that with a family owned business, they somehow care more, therefore the product must be of a high quality.   

The same can be said for Pinarello, the world renowned Italian brand of racing bikes. Tinker Taylor had the pleasure of interviewing CEO Fausto Pinarello, who took over his fathers business. He talks about how his Dad purposefully came last in the Tour De France, so he could use the publicity to promote his bikes! Have a watch and see what you think. It's one of our favourite Client Partnership films.

And so did the Moscot film work? I have to admit I was completely sold and I am on my way to buy a pair of Moscot myself.