I read this article slightly bemused and a little annoyed. Why do women feel patronised by the word Mumpreneur?  You can only feel patronised if you find the word somehow derogatory and how can you ever feel negatively about being a Mum!  To feel patronised by the word suggests that the Mum bit is somehow a put-down and by signing up to this, Mums are defining themselves as inferior. 

I chose to interpret the word Mumpreneur as a positive word, a compliment. It is not reductive, it acknowledges the Mum role in the bigger picture, acknowledges that it is part of who you are, which is something that I feel should be admired and celebrated.

I was told once by a widely respected businessman, not to talk about the fact I was a Mum with kids, as there was a presumption that I would therefore be less of a business person, less dedicated to the client in front of me.  Well, that, to be blunt, is utter bull. In my experience, a quick chat about your children and more importantly your clients, is a natural and wonderful way to get to know people. Barriers come down, people respond with warmth and you immediately have a connection. 

So whilst I agree with Professor Mart Hart that the label serves little purpose, if it is out there, then women please, stop moaning and own it!  It is only belittling if you decide it is.