I was absolutely thrilled to hear that our long standing client, Aston University, received an award from Tencent, the worlds largest gaming and social media company. Thrilled for two reasons. 

One. There is no doubt in our eyes that Aston is an excellent University, it has a thriving and happy Chinese student population and so we are over the moon for our client. The second is one of personal pride for Team TT. 

In 2017 TINKER TAYLOR devised and delivered a series three of videos, with the sole purpose of attracting Chinese students to Aston. The primary delivery platform was Weibo. 

After brainstorming with the creative team and conducting some external research, we agreed that the campaign should appeal not only to potential students, but also to their families. Parents and grandparents would have significant influence (emotional and financial) over future students, when it came to making that all important decision of which University to attend. 

The first of the recruitment videos we produced focused on a student writing a blog, in which he boasts about Aston University’s many desirable features such as their 5-star rating, triple accredited status for business, and their world class tutors.

The second video was a conversation highlighting the newly built Aston University accommodation, the fitness facilities, as well as student life in the UK.

The third video is a phone call between a mother and her daughter, which focuses on showing off the city of Birmingham and how convenient the location is. It reassures the mother that her daughter has chosen the right location for studying outside of London, whilst showing off the beautiful surroundings the city has to offer future students.

The first video to be distributed gained a total of 585,000 views, 286,166 direct ad exposures, and 17,962 engagements! *Engagement: total of video views, likes, comments and re-shares. 

Full details of the campaign including the three videos can be found here

So a happy co-incidence, or did the team at TT influence, you decide. : )