Last month TINKER TAYLOR filmed both the Midlands and Northern Gateley Annual Restructuring Conferences. The Midlands conference was held at the brilliant REP Theatre in Birmingham.

I had the pleasure of interviewing some of our cities most respected businesspeople, to discuss how they build business resilience in an ever-complex and ever-changing world. Fascinating conversations, from start to finish. 

As there were multiple events taking place at the REP, finding a suitable interview location wasn't easy. We could have filmed in the public spaces but doing so is a big risk as the audio on the day is unpredictable and uncontrollable.  Two things that make every corporate film maker flinch! 

So, instead, we opted for a small 2.5 metre x 2.5 metre room and with our creative hats on, we set out to create an environment worthy of the stature of our interviewee's!  

On the left image below you can see all of our kit squeezed into the small space, and on the right you can see how, using intelligent spacing, lighting & lenses, we managed to create a shot which sees our subjects sat at a smart table in a seem-to-be spacious, professional boardroom.  

We were so impressed with ourselves, we couldn't resist a short piece to camera to chat about what we were up to!  You can view the film by clicking the link below. (as well as an alternative, wider angle of the boardroom style shot). 

You can view all of the films from both the Midlands and Northern conference on the Gateley YouTube Page.