As the owner of a video content agency that is thriving in Birmingham, this makes a happy read - however, it misses a bit!  The intangibles. 

Living life in Birmingham is less stressful. Back in 2016, Charlotte Seager writing for the Guardian reported that Birmingham was voted the third happiest city in the UK to live in, just behind Liverpool and Norwich. I concur.

Our client and colleague James Whatmore of Job Logic summarised it perfectly. 

"‘Birmingham is a great city to work in. Demographically we are the youngest city in Europe, and with that there’s a huge sense of optimism. We’re big enough to have the job opportunities, infrastructure and lifestyle of a major city, but we’re small enough to remain friendly and down to earth.’

Don't get me wrong, I love London and we have many very friendly clients based there. My observation is simply this. That having worked and lived in Birmingham for over 20 years, whilst the opportunity and money will attract people, don't underestimate the influence of the friendly Brummies, in retaining them!