World Cup hype has gripped the nation!  The BBC set the tone with this incredible short film showing what would happen if England won the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The film is witty and hilarious; scenes of the queen dabbing at Buckingham Palace and England defender Harry Maguire supposedly leading the polls to be next prime minister makes it a brilliantly shareable clip, and as such it has gone viral - with 2.5 million views.  

Viral videos are hard to achieve but if you get it right, it can be transformational for your brand. Studies show a video which makes you feel something is more likely to be shared. From a research project conducted by Fractl, the feeling of happiness seems to get the biggest emotional response. So if your video can create a feeling of happiness, surprise, admiration, satisfaction, hope, love, pride and/or gratitude - (all good things!) then you might well get a share, and you might even go viral.

Well, BBC did that excellently. Every English person watching the football coming home celebrations will exude happiness and pride! 

England are now surpassing expectations on the international stage and it is exhilarating to see the effect it's having on the nation. I was crossing the road last week and as a car drove past, the passenger leaned out of his window to assuredly inform me that "football's coming home".

The excitement and anticipation is electric. Videos of hundreds of fans celebrating on the streets have made national news, on social media the number of 'it's coming home' memes have gone through the roof whilst here in the TT office, the first topic of conversation is England's performance and a detailed post-match analysis!

So, let's address the elephant in the room. Can we actually win the world cup? 

I think we can. and here's why.

A certain chap called Harry Kane.

Harry Kane is being touted as the saviour of English football. In a squad which before the world cup was considered very average, he is a shining beacon of hope. Currently presiding at the top of the goalscoring charts (above Messi & Ronaldo) he has exceeded expectations and has taken his prolific goalscoring pedigree onto the international stage. All eyes will be on him as he leads out the team against Sweden tomorrow.

Some eery similarities between 1966 and 2018.

1966 is a year etched into every English football fan's mind. It is the last (and only) time England have won the World Cup and there are some incredible coincidences between that winning year and now:

Manchester City Won a league title back in 1966, the same has happened in 2018.

Both years Chelsea finished fifth in the top flight of English football.

Both years Real Madrid won the European Cup.

Both years Burnley qualified for European football.

Both years the holders were knocked out in the group stage.

A large pinch of luck!

This World Cup has provided shocks. Current holders and arch-nemesis Germany out in the first round. Spain's star-studded line-up dumped out whilst Messi's Argentina and Ronaldo's Portugal unceremoniously eliminated too. England finished second in their group, an achievement that many going into the tournament may consider to be an underachievement has meant that England's route to the World Cup final pits us against the likes of Colombia, Sweden and potentially Croatia rather than the heavyweights Brazil, Uruguay and France. And in the final, anything can happen!

Penalties. The curse is broken!

Ordinarily, just the mere mention of the word penalties will reduce even the most optimistic England fan to cold sweats. Historically we have been terrible at them and with the worst World Cup penalty record ever it's widely believed there is a curse causing our penalty woes. But no more!

In our game against Colombia last week, the unthinkable happened and the curse was broken. In a thrilling penalty shootout England were victorious and a nation erupted with joy. The commentators and pundits in the studio appeared to be close to hyperventilating after the final kick whilst the relief and joy on the players faces on the pitch were obvious!

With all these factors coming together I truly believe this is our year!