Complex stories require clear, concise and uncomplicated communication.  The more technical and detailed the proposition, the simpler the translation and transcription should be, especially when marketing to the 'outside world'.

In this excellent article by Karen Mazurkewich, Head of Communications & Marketing at MaRS Discovery District, Karen gives some insightful tips for the science and technology community. 

From my perspective, same applies to the legal, finance and medical communities, when we are working on the messaging for a new video. Less is often more.

Three takeaways from this article.

1. If you are looking for a PhD in brain science to communicate brain science, then you’re not looking in the right place. They are “experts” in the science, not practitioners in the craft of storytelling. 

2. Don’t believe that plain, clear writing is dumbing your ideas down.  Jargon clutters your message and confuses the reader (or viewer in my case)

3. Don't try and cram everything you know into one story. Keep it simple. Build your narrative from the foundation up – one idea at a time.

See if you think we have nailed it with the Genes to Genomes Animation via the link below. Produced for HEE's, Genomic Education Programme, this is an example of complex content in a concise, succinct format.