Really interesting article written by Andy Foote, Sales Director at Seven Capital.  He explains why Brexit isn't a threat to residential property investors buying in the UK, primarily due to an increasing population.

In many industries, Brexit still remains a taboo topic. Of course, it is an uncertain time for many, but with a little more information from reliable, knowledgeable thought-leaders, perhaps we can alleviate some of the fear surrounding the break away from the EU.

Businesses who are actively communicating with their Brexit-affected clients, are enlightening and empowering their customers to make informed and educated decisions.  All along, illustrating that they are the beacon of knowledge, the trusted expert.

Take this film we recently produced for Lewis Silkin: 'Brexit proofing your business'.  This is a professional, informative and educational animation, which will enable Lewis Silkin's clients to better understand the changes coming post-Brexit;  feel enlightened and informed about the situation, and empowered to make any necessary changes. 

This is not an obvious sales-tool, but by giving away expertise, they will attract new clients.

Both Lewis Silkin & Seven Capital are businesses doing an excellent job when it comes to communicating effectively with their clients.  

If you learnt something from the animation video and you think your business could benefit from something similar, TT can help.