Genetic testing all women over the age of 30 would prevent cancers and save lives, according to experts. 

All of us have BRCA genes, and mutations in either BRCA1 or BRCA2 can greatly increase an individual's risk of developing cancers, with previous studies showing women having a much higher risk of developing both ovarian and breast cancer over their lifetime should they carry either of the gene mutations.

Currently, women are eligible for testing only if they have a close family history of cancer. However, research published in the Journal of the National Institute considered the impact of testing all women over 30.

Their findings speak for themselves.

Developments like this are of particular interest to us here at TINKER TAYLOR because of our ongoing relationship with Health Education England's Genomics Education Programme (GEP).

GEP exists to ensure healthcare staff have the knowledge, skills and experience to help keep the UK a world leader in genomic and precision medicine - as well as the unintended consequence of making the TINKER TAYLOR team feel much smarter.

But perhaps our biggest lesson from working with GEP is a greater understanding of how to turn complex medical and scientific information into engaging video content.

For an introduction to the world of genomics - and the work of GEP - watch this short video.