Last night I attended a brilliantly insightful @Passle event, with guest speaker, and TT's very own Creative Director, Sam Taylor.

She discussed 5 types of video that generate a real return on investment, to an engaged & inspired audience! If you missed it, or just want another roundup, here goes! 

1. Recruitment videos. 

Emotive videos are an essential tool to drive recruitment campaigns. It’s important to create a strong and positive image of your organisation in order to attract high-calibre candidates, and well-crafted content is an incredibly effective way of doing this. 

Example project - University Hospital North Midlands NHS Trust - #ANewKindOfTrust. 

Results - Increase in job applications by 55%.

2. Animation. 

Animation is a great way to impart information in a sophisticated and engaging format. With ever-evolving visual literacy, an animation is an excellent way to convey large amounts of information in a not-so-large amount of time.

Example project - Catalyst Corporate Finance - Year in Review.

Results - Launched on LinkedIn, the video generated a meeting with an attractive client. 

3. Partnership videos. 

Your happy clients talking positively and passionately about you and the impact your business has had on theirs. Nothing is a greater sales tool. 

Example project - Catalyst Corporate Finance - 'Partnering with Catalyst'. 

Results - Distributed in a Video Book & left behind at a pitch meeting, this was an innovate approach which contributed to a deal win. 

4. Awareness videos.

For some, return on investment comes in the form of awareness, or changing perceptions. This is no easy task, but it can be done! We carefully craft our dramatic shorts to maximise emotional impact and audience empathy. When combined with our cutting-edge techniques, the mark left in viewers’ minds is indelible.

Example project - Scottish Police Federation - #itswhatwedo

Results - Over 1 million reach on Facebook, 500,000 video views and 1,764 shares in under a week.

5. Product videos. 

Showing your product is a cut above your competitor's, by testing two products in a fun, upbeat & innovate format. 

Example project - DeWalt - The Extreme RunTime Challenge 

Results - Increase in Sales & over 3 million social media impressions.

The results speak for themselves. Targeted video content which is designed with a specific audience in mind, is an extremely effective marketing tool for any business, which when done right, generates a real return on your investment.

If you were unable to make the event, and you'd like to view the video presentation, give us a call.