We all know the way people consume content has changed. Compelling Content 10 years ago was essentially a well written article, with an eye catching photograph.  We were hooked by an image and then wooed by words. However in 2017, it is moving image that captures you prospects imagination; short, beautiful videos that woo your prospective clients - and increasingly, they are silent.  

With an increasing number of people viewing video via mobile devices, via social media, whilst sitting on quiet trains, in busy offices, at noisy events - sound is not always a luxury people can enjoy.  Increasingly we recommend to our clients that we produce a number of different cuts, for the client different distribution platforms. For conferences and closed events, in a meeting room or auditorium, where you have a 'trapped' audience your video can afford to be 3 or 4 minutes long and with audio driving the narrative.  For distribution on social channels you need shorter, snappier edits of the same content, but with subtitles.  Motion graphics are playing an increasing part in our output too, as a great was of imparting on brand messages, without audio.

In the article below, Brian Halligan goes on to give sound advice for Marketers in 2017 and beyond - and top of the list?  Invest in video.