I attended a brilliant event last week, celebrating Millennium Point's new innovative event space, CONNECT. The night featured various activities and speeches, all capitalising on innovation. 

We signed up to LINC which is a digital software created by a very talented team of students. The platform enables you to easily network and connect with people based on your mutual interests. 

There was an incredible virtual VR 'walk the plank' experience, which requires you to put on a head-set, and walk a plank. Although your feet were firmly on the floor, you felt like you were on a plank thousands of metres above. This definitely made my legs wobble! (and my eyes cry).

And finally, there was a very interesting guest speaker; Victoria Loomes from Trendwatching.com. She spoke about innovation in business; and discussed how current trends can and should impact on your business activity. 

The event was focussed around innovation; and that's why I was particularly excited. TT were recently shortlisted for a West Midlands Business Masters Award in Innovation, for the most creative or original business thinking company.  

Hearing other businesses innovate activity made me think about our business and our innovation;  what puts us in the top 5 innovative businesses in the West Midlands?

I think these are the top three reasons:

First up, TT are always exploring innovative distribution platforms so that we can effectively exploit our content.  In addition to the digital platform, we are pioneering the use of video books with corporate clients. Corporate Finance and Private Equity firms are distributing our audience focussed content inside a stylish, branded video book. This gives them a critical edge when pitching for large contracts.

One client invested £10,000 pounds into a video book campaign and used it to win fees of £300,000.

A second example which demonstrates innovation in our business, is the focus on ROI and results. In our industry, lots of production companies make films but the exploitation around that content is rarely as focussed by the production company itself. At TT we work backwards from the response and reactions our clients want from the wider public, their stakeholders, employees or politicians.

Thirdly, it's our films. TINKER TAYLOR specialise in emotive, hard-hitting awareness campaigns. Producing emotive dramatic shorts whilst utilising cutting-edge cinematic techniques.  A recent campaign for Police Federation England & Wales called #BelieveInBlue utilises the Time-Slice Technique, filmed using a Titan (a computer-controlled robotic camera-platform which moves through each set in a pre-programmed, fluid path). Careful and precise art-direction and seamless CGI effects are also used to give complete authenticity to the scenes. 

We are constantly finding new ways to deliver our clients message, pushing at the boundaries at the cutting edge of a growing industry. 

Working in an industry surrounded by innovation is very exciting and walking around an event surrounded by innovation is equally as liberating.  Great job Millennium Point, can't wait to use the new CONNECT space!