Here's your front page! This article offers us a comparison from the UK front pages -headlining the signing of Article 50. And it's specifically the newspapers that interest me here, not Brexit, because the best piece of professional advice I was ever given was 'read a quality newspaper every day'. In fact my BBC mentor followed up with 'try to read as much as you can, a couple of newspapers, try to understand there's a big world out there, read different views, enjoy it'. I was 19 then and I still try to follow that advice. In our multi media fast changing world there is still huge pleasure to be had in sitting down and reading the paper.  Just sitting, reading, with a coffee or glass of wine, learning, enjoying, turning the pages. 

One of my favourite childhood memories is climbing onto my parents bed on a Sunday morning as they read that day's newsprint. I see it less and less on the commute to work, visit fewer houses which take a daily paper or even the weekend papers, have fewer friends who have 'time'. Perhaps we should make time. Not everything in life is designed to be read on a mobile phone. Not everything can be understood in less than 200 words. Whatever we think of their political agenda newspapers can also just be enjoyed.