I was lucky enough to attend an event a week or so ago, hosted by Goldman Sachs and chaired by data science entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, about The Female Lead.   At this panel led discussion were 4 of these 60 women, all of whom, have inspired social change through hard work, grit, determination and pure talent.  The breadth of these women's achievements was extraordinary.

Incredibly and entirely coincidentally a client of mine, in the very same week, bought me The Female Lead book as a gift.  Each day, at the office, I read a different story - it takes me about 10 minutes - and every time I put the book down, I am left with a renewed sense of excitement and ambition. 

For anyone looking for an inspiring gift idea, for a man or a woman, in particular, a teenager unsure what they want to do after education -  I can and do wholeheartedly recommend this book.