Carpool Karaoke is a sketch from 'James Corden, the Late Late Show' which sees Corden having a chat and a sing-a-long with A list celebrities in the comfort of his own car. They are absolutely hilarious segments, and I for one (along with tens of millions of people across the world) love watching them. This is in no small part down to the hilariously humble, charismatic beefy bloke sat in the driving seat. 

That said, I can't decide if I'm incredibly excited about the recently announced 'Carpool Karaoke, The Series' powered by Apple Music, or just down-right disappointed that the king of the car, James Corden, won't be at the wheel. To be honest, and with regret, I think it's the latter. 

Each of his sketches to date have been hysterically funny. His clip with Adele was viewed a staggering 90 million times in just 2 months (no doubt her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s Monster was a factor for its success.. who doesn't want to watch a Multi Grammy Award/Multi Brit Award/ Academy Award-winner turned gangster rapper!?)

No surprise it's a global phenomenom!

Whether he's sat with One Direction wearing matching 'boy band' tops, getting naked in the car with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers or driving around the White House grounds with the First Lady and Missy Eliot (wow!) whaling some good old Stevie Wonder and Beyonce classics; to me, however famous the person in the passenger seat, the star of the show will always be James Corden. 

Hence I am a little sad he's not going to feature as much in the upcoming series (he will be 1 out of 16 hosts).  Alas, there is still hope! Corden is one of the Exec Producers of the new show, and so here's hoping he will share his genius tricks with the next generation of Carpool Karaoke drivers...

Come to think of it, I do think a Will Smith and James Corden, 'how to host' Carpool Karaoke tutorial session, would be pretty damn funny!