Jason Burt, a Chief Football Correspondent for The Daily Telegraph, Steve Bates, the Chief Football Writer for The Sunday People, and John Cross, Daily Mirror's Chief Football Writer... 3 extremely established journalists discussing the best of the weeks football gossip. 

Yet yesterday, the only thing on the minds of thousands of football fans watching the show?

"How AMAZING are the new Selco idents!?!"

(Well, I presume that's what they were thinking, anyway!) 

And would you believe, we made them! A range of short films that make you smile, playing on the juxtaposition between football imagery and terminology with a day’s work on the building site. The results are hilarious – bright, inventive sketches that are both memorable and instantly recognisable, reflecting the strong personality of the Selco brand. 

Such a fun project, working with a great crew & cast. It's a shame Leicesters performance has been so "shocking" of late, otherwise I think we may have won "best laugh" of the day! 

You can watch them on the ITV sports report during the news at 6, and on Sky Sports Sunday Supplement. Enjoy!