The below article is a great insight into why video should be part of every business communication strategy.  And it is not to be feared.  When I ask people why they don't utilise video, they tend to say one of two things. 

1. It's not for us

3. It's too expensive

So let me address each of these points:

1. It's not for us - yes it is!  I have not come across a single business, in any sector, where video is not relevant and an excellent sales and marketing tool. Don't pre-judge until you have spoken to an experienced Producer.  Video is not 'for the kids' it's for every business and for the now!

2. It's too expensive - is it?  If you spend £2,000 on a cheap video and then put it on an unvisited website, yep that's £2K down the drain. If you spend £10,000 on professionally produced, sector focussed video content and then distribute it to a targeted audience, via numerous digital channels and perhaps video books, landing on the desks of CEO's and CFO's you want to talk to - and that content generates meetings which lead to tens of thousands of pounds worth of business. Is £10,000 expensive?

So read the article, don't pre-judge and fortune favours the bold!