TINKER TAYLOR are thrilled to be the recent recipients of a Royal Television Society Award for Best Digital Innovation with our #WeAreYou campaign - and now, as of last night, recipients of a Gold Award and the Chairman's Award at The Drum Cream Awards.  

Here's what Chairman Malcolm Stewart had to say: 

"When you're judging creative work, you're always looking for ideas you wish you'd done yourself. And here, the cream of what we saw absolutely did that.  The Chairman's award was something anyone would be proud of." 

I know just how much hard work has gone into all aspects of this project from a number of different organisations - particularly Out of Orbit - and it's great to see the brilliant job done by all of them really start to gain the recognition it deserves. As a recent addition to the TINKER TAYLOR team it's great to be part of a company that's producing such acclaimed output. And I'm sure this is just the beginning!

Not only this, but any buzz generated by award wins like this can only help spread the films' powerful message further, something we should all be grateful for.

On that note, if (somehow) you haven't seen the films yet, please take a few minutes to watch them now. You won't be disappointed: