I smiled my way through the article below and wish Montrose Pictures every luck with their latest documentary ‘You’ve Been Trumped Too’ - due for release on Facebook tomorrow.I encourage everyone to find it and watch it.


Videos like these are brilliant, not just because of their editorial content, but because of their tremendous reach. Video has the power to speak to and therefore influence millions of people, from all walks of life, especially when distributed through social media.

This video will access people who may not have chosen to read the same material, had it been released as a book.Well produced video content is such an engaging means of communication, it inspires people from all walks of life. Had the same content been released as a series of articles in The Times for example, it would have passed the Sun readers by.Video distributed via Facebook has the potential to reach a global audience instantly. It is an easily shareable and highly effective means of communication and it is why it is utilised so often, to distribute TINKER TAYLOR videos.

Take #ANewKindOfTrust - a video driven, social media, NHS recruitment campaign which increased applications to one particular NHS trust by 55%.Eight, 2-3 minute, emotive, beautiful films, distributed via a geographically and demographically targeted Facebook and Twitter campaign. The ROI was quick and the campaign exceeded all expectations.

So if you’re reading this thinking, ‘why aren’t we embracing video as part of our communications strategy?’ feel free to give me a call.