Last year Lacey Turner stole my heart with her role as army medic, Molly Dawes, in BBC Drama Our Girl. Within the first 10 minutes, I was hooked! A superb display of British Drama. 

When Lance Corporal Georgie Lane hit our screens three weeks back, kicking off series 2, I was equally as impressed. 

Last night I was scrolling through the #OurGirl tweets and I came across this video posted by the BBC. Although it doesn't have the same impact on a desktop computer, when on a mobile device, the film appears to replicate our own phone with Georgie Lane's, taking us on a 60 second thrill of being the show's protagonist. 

In any exciting fictional television series, you get lost in the narrative and create a bond with the characters. It's why you have your 'favourite's'! So when watching my favourite characters popping up in different message formats on my phone, and seeing their updates on social media, it solidifies that connection, and therefore your adulation with the series.

It's a really clever marketing tool for the programme and an interesting way to utilise video!  Not as clever as interactive video, not as impressive as 360, but a quick and easy way to engage an audience. (Especially if you love Our Girl as much as me!)